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Hi.. I m Silent Ocean.. (Avacs id # 9999) welcome all visitors..
Chat that always with you!
Avacs Live Chat(Silent Ocean) This website is dedicated to avacs users who use only cell phones and dont have pc.
Avacs v2.2.0 jar
Avacs v2.2.0 jad
AVACS Live Chat -
free dating chat
application for
mobile phones
and PC computers
with photos, animated smiles,
avatars, own
rooms, personal
messages, contact
list, exchange of
photos,Kick mode on pvt rooms,
music and files,
with colourful
messages and
more more

Yo can make your stylish nich here. You put your photo,story,voice recording here .It is the software that allways with you. You can use here avatar and many other things.
Find me on avacs live chat Nick:Silent Ocean Id # 9999
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*~For more and latest information about AVACS Live Chat contact me everytime in chat My nick is Heart Buyer~*

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